Friday, September 21, 2012


Autumn is a spectacular season at High Point State Park!

Lake Marcia

Sun dapples dance across the blue waters of lakes Marcia, Steenykill, and Sawmill, as ridge breezes and rising thermals carry migrating birds and butterflies on their journeys south. 

Monument Trail

Trails tempt hikers into leaf littered woods and up mountaintops for breathtaking views of ridges and valleys, gathered and stitched into a harvest colored quilt. 

Monument Trail

Campsites host cozy campfires on cool, quiet, star-filled nights. Visitors from around the world stop to enjoy our little corner of New Jersey.

Sawmill Lake Campground

We hope you and your family take time to visit High Point State Park this autumn. Please join the Friends of HPSP for our annual Open Hearth Cooking event on Saturday, October 27, for a taste of High Point. Enjoy the view and relax with our Yoga on the Mountain classes October 19 and November 10.

See you on the mountain! 

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