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Our dedicated volunteers, Nov 2013

The Friends of High Point State Park is managed and supported by a small group of dedicated volunteers. These individuals generously lend their time and talents to sustain our organization and bring special events and programs to the High Point State Park community.

Our volunteers work throughout the year to create and present programs that entice visitors to the park and make their experience on the mountain memorable. Behind the scenes, our volunteers maintain and build our organization, continuing our mission to foster and support the historical, scientific, educational, interpretive, recreational, and natural resource management activities at High Point State Park.

The next time you visit High Point State Park and attend an event sponsored by the Friends of High Point State Park, look for these familiar faces and take a moment to say thank you!

Lynn Panico President of the Friends of High Point State Park
Chris Panico Volunteer

Lynn and Chris spend time at High Point State Park throughout the year, enjoying various seasonal activities ranging from snowshoeing, bicycling, and kayaking, to hiking with their dogs. Lynn also coordinates our Yoga on the Mountain and Summer Concert Series, dedicating many hours to bringing talented instructors and local musicians to the park for the community to enjoy.

Michelle Stubbings Vice-President of the Friends of High Point State Park
Michelle enjoys exploring and photographing High Point State Park. She can often be found behind a camera documenting our events and at the craft table helping our young visitors discover their creativity. A talented baker, Michelle fills our refreshment tables with many homemade treats. Michelle is also our media coordinator and is responsible for producing our press and media; editing our newsletter, The Monument; and maintaining our blog and Facebook page.

Roberta Bramhall Secretary of the Friends of High Point State Park
Roberta is queen of the open hearth and is the longest reigning volunteer at High Point State Park. Over the years, she has given much of her time and talents to the place she loves so dearly. At our next event, take a moment to look at the wonderful book of memories from our past events that she has put together.

Since I was a child, living in Essex County, High Point State Park has been a destination, to which my father’s car never achieved. Finally, in 1958 I was in a car that made it up the hill. We had a picnic by Sawmill Lake, and I fell in love with the park and its surroundings. I have been involved with camping at Sawmill Lake and giving programs on beavers and other assorted topics since 1961. My favorite aspect of the park has been watching the beavers and hearing the sounds of the birds and other animals at dawn, dusk and evening. I so enjoyed swimming at Sawmill Pond in the past and walking the various trails, especially the Kuser Trail, which is simply a most beautiful loop. I am proud to be a member and officer of the Friends of High Point, which I think, is a terrific organization.” – Roberta Bramhall

Mark Graham Treasurer of the Friends of High Point State Park
Mark lends his time and financial talents to ensure that every penny of your donation dollars are counted and spent wisely. He also lends his donut frying expertise to our Open Hearth and Winter Festival.

Susan Volunteer
Susan lends her time and talents to order and maintain our merchandise inventory. She may often be found at our sales table helping visitors pick out the perfect souvenir to commemorate their trip to High Point State Park.

Michael Volunteer
Michael shares his love of High Point with visitor throughout the year. He may often be found rowing people around Lake Marcia at our Bait & Boat Festival, leading bike hikes in the fall, rediscovering the art of ice fishing at our Winter Festival, and graciously accepting your donations at our Summer Concert Series.

Candace Volunteer
Candace is one of our newest volunteers. She has enjoyed helping young visitors make bird seed crafts at our Winter Festival and welcoming visitors at our Summer Concert Series and Bait & Boat Festival.

Tammy Volunteer
Tammy is one of our newest volunteers. She has enjoyed helping visitors at our many events and handing out ribbons to our boat race winners at the Bait & Boat Festival.

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